Executive Data Systems Pty.Ltd.

As laboratories move to paperless operations, images must be efficiently, reliably and securely managed. EDS has tools to capture, store and retrieve images from scanners and analysers.

The EDS XImage app captures request form images from a scanner and provides features to store images for efficient and secure retrieval. Features include:

  • TWAIN scanner control which enables scanner operations to be controlled from a touch screen.
  • High speed detection of barcodes located anywhere on the request form.
  • Detection of multiple barcodes on a sheet, for bulk request orders.
  • Validation of a batch of request forms that have been scanned.
  • Storage to mutiple online libraries
  • Reliable storage allowing physical disposal of request forms.
  • Open access to image library

Images captured by XImage are coverted to a PDF file and after validation, stored in a library. Each file has a unique ascending number which is available for auditing to ensure all images are extant. In addition to each PDF, an XML file is created that contains meta data about the image, such as scan date, scanner location. Thus, each request form image has two files that enable efficient retrieval of image and scanning data. The XImage library is entirely file based and does not require access to a database.

Xfile is an app that allows request form images to be efficiently retrieved from a file library. In addition to manual operation, XFile can invoke a DLL from an external application, such as a LIS.

The ReqView app displays recently scanned request forms, allowing the operator to view the request for the purposes of data entry into a LIS. ReqView captures operator access details and stores them in a database form which management reports are produced, for example, the average time an operator takes to enter requests, and the service time from image capture to LIS request entry.