Executive Data Systems Pty.Ltd.

EDS supplies interfaces for Point of Care analysers. Interfaces include:

  • Individual PoC analysers
  • Mandatory middleware systems required to connect multiple PoC analysers

In both cases all data from each PoC analyser is captured, for example reagent lot no, if available.

EDS also offers PocTab, which is validation application designed to operate on a tablet. PocTab is designed to manage the workflow of Point of Care analysers, which is a result that is acquired with no previous order being placed. In general PoC results are identified only by a Patient ID and hence require validation of the patient and result details. PocTab offers the following features:

  • connection to Hospital Infomation System (HIS) to obtain patient details (name, sex, birthdate) required for positive patient identification
  • opportunity to combine results from several instruments for the same patient to a single report
  • a printed interim report that can be used before the final report is rendered by the LIS
  • security to ensure each result is validated and released by an authorized person.
  • optional transmission of result for auto LIS registration or hold result awaiting LIS order